My name is Kayden Murphy Kilokak Montgomery, Kayden for short. My official registered name is... Alasko's Kilokak, who goes by the call name Kayden. I am a doggie, but my human parents call me a Alaskan Klee Kai and sometimes refer to me as a Mini Husky. I will sometimes smell other doggie butts, but I never smell human butts just because humans are strange and a little bit scary sometimes... my human parents say I have to get over that though.

Anyways... this is my little web page I dreamed up while sleeping the day away one time. Here you will find links to all my photos I have posed for since finding my new parents. You will also find a link to my new blog which is only updated when I can get a chance to jump on my human parent’s computer machine. I have to be careful though; I think they think something is up because I sometimes leave paw prints on the typing buttons. 

My links:
I have a lot more pictures HERE
my daddy also made this flash project of me for one of his classes: Go FLASH