Here are my doggie photos...
I stole the camera from my human parents and used the timer setting, I think I look pretty good if I don't say so myself. May 17, 2008

Kayden 1024px


Here's me at my first doggie park visit on Sunday May 18, 2008

Kayden at the Puppy Park

I met a really dirty friend at the doggie park last Saturday so I got my first bath!
I did get a new toy out of the deal, so I guess it wasn't all bad. June 9, 2008

... around the House

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Hillsboro, OR

Here I am at the doggie park in Hillsboro, Oregon July 4th, 2008
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Here's some video...

This is me with my cousin Jack the yorkie.
...showing off some MMA moves.
Here I am acting crazy